High Visibility Retractable Barrier

DOCK-ALERT® is made of Air-thru mesh, 4′-0″ high x 10′ or 13′ wide option, and features hash/slash sewn-on ribbon on the top and bottom and on both sides for high visibility.

The fiberglass batten assures vertical stability while the (9) mesh FR PVC panel has proven durable in continuous daily use in various placements and climate conditions

Economy Dock Safety BarrierThe Economy DOCK-ALERT® is a visual barrier, 4′-0″ high and options for 10′ or 13′ long, with a 6″ sweep which can be ‘set-lo’. The steel reinforced PVC pipe has a 10″ square footplate with slotted bolt holes for skewing, if necessary. The affixed safety logo decal reads “BE ALERT – FALL NOT”

Retractable Barrier for Parking Decks

RAMP-BLOCKER Retractable Parking Deck Barrier-Closed

RAMP-BLOCKER Retractable Parking Deck Barrier-Open 

Need to close a parking deck level . . .

  • Becoming full?
  • For cleaning?
  • For maintenance?

Change from access to no access, quickly.

DOCK-ALERT® is easy to extend/easy to retract by one person. Installing DOCK-ALERT® at some entrances will allow you to close off access as needed. Can be used inside or outside.

Easy installation.

Four anchor bolts secure DOCK-ALERT®. Two or four bolts anchor the Receiving Hook, choose from 6 styles.

Style 7 Bollard Mount Bracket attaches barrier spring housing to existing bollard.

Standard barrier options are 10′ and 13′ long, but are available longer.

DOCK-ALERT® spring housing is steel reinforced HDPE extruded safety yellow. Panel is Air-thru (no walk thru) mesh 48″ hi w/8″ sweep. Hi-vis hash/slash ribbon top/bottom both sides.

  • Spring assembly in HDPE steel reinforced housing . . . safety yellow
  • PVC mesh panel 4′-0″ high, sewn-on hash/slash top-bottom both sides
  • EZ pull to 10′ or 13′ accurate retract
  • (4) anchor bolts for hook and spring housing. Hardware and installation by others
  • Verbiage / logo per supplied art
  • Inside or outside use
  • Details / order desk 336-282-5111 or complete website contact form